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Causes Of Low Water Pressure

One of the most prized aspects of a property can be access to great water pressure. When you have good water pressure, it will make bathing more enjoyable and can help you properly clean your home and dishes and complete gardening work. Unfortunately, not all people have great water pressure and they may start to notice their pressure decline over the years. There are various contributing factors to low water pressure that should be addressed.

Mineral Buildup

One of the common reasons why you may have reduced water pressure is due to mineral buildup. Over time, minerals in the water will get stuck on fixtures and pipes in your home plumbing system. While these are often harmless, they can start to clog the pipes if not properly cared for. A local plumber can help you identify any areas of concern and clean or replace pipes that have excessive buildup. Once this occurs, you may start to see an improvement in overall water pressure.


Leaks or Running Water

Another common reason why you may be experiencing low water pressure in your home is if you have a leak or running water. Water pressure is at its best when there is only one source of water turned on at once. If you have multiple sinks and fixtures running, the individual pressure for each will be reduced slightly. The same concept applies if you have running water, a dripping sink, or a leak somewhere in your home. If you notice that water is running with your water meter, it could be a sign of a leak and fixing it should improve water pressure.


Plumbing Fixture Issue

Another reason that you could have an issue with water pressure is that there may be something wrong with your plumbing fixtures. While low water pressure can be due to other issues, a faucet or shower head that is not working properly could also cause water pressure to slow down. While you can try to replace these items on your own, it would be a good idea to hire a local plumber. When hiring plumbers in Delaware County, PA, residents will receive proper support to fix or replace any faulty plumbing fixtures.


Pressure Regulator Issues

One part of a home plumbing system that will impact water pressure is the pressure regulator. While this can last for a long time, they could break down and need replacement at some point. If you suddenly notice a drop in water pressure, you should have a local plumber check the pressure regulator. They may be able to replace this part or change the settings, to help improve your overall water pressure. If this is the cause, these simple fixes could help to improve the pressure in your plumbing systems.


Water Supply Issue

While there are many causes of low water pressure that can be due to issues within your home, there could also be issues with the local water supply. One of the issues with higher water pressure is that people tend to use more on a daily basis. To help preserve water reserves, a municipality may choose to reduce water pressure available to property owners. Moreover, if the town has had a water main break or is working on maintenance, water pressure can be reduced.


If you are having issues with your low water pressure, or are having any other type of issue, it would be a good idea to employ the help of someone you can trust. When in need of routine or emergency plumbing services in Philadelphia, residents and property owners should contact us at Gaceta to learn more about the services that we can provide to you. Give us a call today to schedule your home inspection and consultation or to receive the support you need for any emergency issue.


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