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Plumbing Company in Drexel Hill, PA

With Gaceta Plumbing on the project, respect for your safety, budget, and flawless plumbing performance is our promise. Whether it’s a basic sink fix or a complicated sewer line problem, our solution-oriented plumbers arrive prepared for every job.

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We Serve Residential & Commercial Properties in Haverford, PA

Available in Drexel Hill and Haverford, PA, we offer affordable care for new plumbing installations, emergency repairs, and ongoing system maintenance. Beyond the basics of your average plumbing team, our expert plumbers are trained in all of the latest technologies and code-compliant installation practices. Our licensed professionals in Drexel Hill, PA can assist with:


  • Water heaters & gas line services

  • Sump & heat pump repairs 

  • Sewer-safe jetting and camera scoping

  • New construction & renovation plumbing

  • Leak detection & piping restorations

  • Fixture and faucet repair & installations

  • & Any other plumbing needs you may have


Day or night, you can depend on our responsive pros in Haverford to answer the call. We aim to stand out from the crowd, and can even assist on holidays and late-night emergencies. No matter the leak, fixture failure, or sewage problem, our plumbers are driven to earn your trust and exceed your expectations with every friendly service.

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"Great job guys, keep up the great work!"  Mark Jackson

- Chesterbrook, PA

"Thanks to everyone involved and keep up the great work guys!"  Jessica York

- Blue Bell, PA

"Quick and reliable service!"  Sarah Smith

- Haddonfield, NJ

"Came out to fix the plumbing on New Years Eve - life savers!"  John Richmond

- Cherry Hill, NJ

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How to Maintain Your Plumbing System

Before a problem catches you by surprise, get in touch with our experts in Drexel Hill and we’ll help you prepare for plumbing safety and savings. 


We recommend starting with a comprehensive plumbing inspection for several reasons. First, we can help you organize a personalized maintenance plan and teach you about your equipment. Depending on the type of water heater or plumbing fixtures you have, your specific maintenance timeline and requirements can vary significantly from another property with a similar setup. 


Additionally, our comprehensive plumbing inspections are crucial for early issue detection. If we find any issues like sewer-line mineral deposits or faulty water heater concerns, we can often clean or repair your systems before a costly plumbing emergency arises. To stay on the safe side, we recommend a licensed inspection for both residential and commercial properties on an annual basis. 


To keep your plumbing in great shape between maintenance visits from our plumbers in Media, PA or Haverford, PA, follow these tips to protect your sewers and minimize other plumbing risks: 

  • Protect your system from blockages: Stop debris and other junk from clogging your lines with drain covers and careful use of your drains and toilets. Avoid washing down solid objects, food scraps, greases/oils, and any other non-biodegradable materials that could become lodged in the system. Outside, plan your landscaping with pipe safety in mind; transplant or remove any trees that are within 10 feet of your sewer lines to prevent invasive and damaging root growth. 


  • Keep your water lines warm: A single night of subzero temperatures can lead to a burst pipe without the proper protective measures in place. To avoid frozen pipe cracking and bursting, ensure that your property has adequate water line insulation. Also, keeping your thermostat set to at least 55-60°F during the colder months is a simple way to keep the plumbing lines flowing freely. 


  • Have your system professionally cleaned regularly: Our low-cost water jetting services blast away grime, mineral deposits, and natural debris with ease. Regular cleaning is the easiest way to prevent sewage backflow and other issues associated with a clogged line. 

What To Expect From Our Plumbing Services?

Expert Service

Reliable & Quality Workmanship

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Transparent Pricing

When you hire Gaceta Plumbing, you can expect expert service from our seasoned plumbers. Our team is highly trained, ensuring they deliver reliable and quality workmanship on every project, regardless of its scale. From installations to repairs, our services are conducted with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a satisfaction guarantee for all our services, ensuring you are completely happy with the result. Our team is always ready to address any concerns and make necessary adjustments to meet your expectations.

We believe in transparent pricing. Before we start any work, we provide a clear estimate, helping you avoid any unexpected costs. You can rest assured that with us, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges.

Dealing With an Emergency Plumbing Issue? Call Gaceta Plumbing!

For a transparent project estimate or rapid assistance with an emergency issue, save our number and call our plumbers any time. If you would like to learn more about leak detection in Philadelphia, PA, know that you will be met with honest recommendations and respectful attitudes every time you depend on Gaceta Plumbing to upgrade or restore your system.

Call us now on 215-688-8244 for services

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